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About Us

Sanskriti Bazaar (Culture market) is more a thought than trade to bring our culture to the last doorstep of the world, it is a vision to bring prosperity in everyone's life by trading in purity and to honor our ancient, sacred, rich and glorious culture worldwide.

Sanskriti Bazaar has been started with the idea that whoever is working for this yogic, Vedic and very civilized culture made by sages, gets good employment to live a happy and prosperous life along with recognition on the world stage. Those who are separated from the culture and are in any other employment that is hurting humanity, try them to get better prosperity and peaceful employment from them, which will awaken an infinite peace in them.

Sanskriti Bazaar is an undertaking to promote the life of every person of the world with high quality by handling and promoting the ancient art and knowledge of India…

According to the strategy of the Sanskriti Bazaar, the business which is directly or indirectly promoting killing or harm to the nature in doing business should never be motivated nor such activities should be encouraged as well as the things that are obscene, violence, disease or any life in the society to harm all such sources of trade, it is necessary to promote a working style that can establish peace, prosperity in society as well as a balance in nature.

Its our priority to connect people coming from a very large area of ​​society, who are rich in art and are very hard-working, but are living in absence due to some reason.

In conclusion, we want to say that the establishment and operation of the Sanskriti Bazaar has been done by a self-realised and humanistic ordinary person, Nityanandam Shree, who not only says, but also always lives life with “simple living high thinking” and started this work. The purpose of doing this is to connect people with a sacred employment stream and to distribute these basic materials to those who are deprived of the knowledge of sages and the use of life-saving materials and the culture on which our ancestors and sages worked Today those who are becoming extinct due to some reason have to be revived.

Sometimes there is an error in your own institution, there is a lack of working style or you can send us your valuable feedback, suggestions or complaints to this address at

If you too want to work with this mission to bring a positive change in the life of yourself and others by joining the stream of this culture, then contact us at this address


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