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Natural Shampoo | Organic Ingredients | Anti Hair Fall | Hair Regrowth Shampoo | Reduce Hair Fall | Shinning Hair - Natsbyte

"Natsbyte Brings Natural Shampoo which is made with Organic Ingredients like Hibiscus, Amla, Shikakai, Aloevera, Fenugreek, Neem & Tulsi. Herbal Shampoo infused with liquid extracts of aloevera, amla, bhringraj, jatamasi, bhrahmi, tulsi, karanj and shikakai. Shikakai contains vitamin C and D, along with other properties that make it ideal for hair care. The anti-fungal properties of shikakai nourish your scalp and prevent itching and dryness. Furthermore shikakai make your hair softer and add a beautiful shine to it. Bhringraj helps boost blood circulation to your scalp, ensuring that your follicles get all the nourishment they need to grow healthy hair. Natural Shampoo for your hair care. How to use: Apply Natural Herbal Shampoo to wet hair, massage gently and work in to lather. Then rinse thoroughly. Repeat it if needed. HAIR LOSS TREATMENT FOR MEN AND WOMEN : An expert remedy for hair-fall condition, this shampoo follows a triple-action plan– promoting healthy scalp, strengthening hair roots and deep-conditioning hair. HAIR GROWTH SHAMPOO : Shikakai and Reetha keep the scalp free of infections. Amla, here, strengthens and stimulates hair follicles, thus controlling hair fall and promoting hair growth. ANTI DANDRUFF SHAMPOO : Reetha can be called a scalp guard as it does not allow dandruff, lice or any kind of hair infections to attack you. The nutshell of Reetha contains saponin which has soap-like properties. This helps in effective cleansing. CONDITIONERS FOR HAIR: Amla & Reetha is an all natural herb that is capable of deeply conditioning the scalp and provide that touchable softness to the hair. Taking care of oil regulation in the scalp, Amla & Reetha works wonders for hair HAIR SMOOTHNING : Amla & Reetha cleanses, tames the texture and provides the necessary nourishment to bring about that sheen, bounce. Having a low pH, Amla & Reetha is mild on the hair and efficient enough to eliminate lice and tackle dandruff"

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Made In : India

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