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Sheetal Masala ( Thanda Masala/Cold Masala)

Thanda Masala  meaning cold masala. It is called as the two spices used in this masala  are known to have cold soothing effect ( In Urdu we say thandi taaseer hai en masalo ki ). Spices used are Bay leaves & Samundari jhaal (stone flower in english) These  two ingredients roasted in a tiny bit of oil to take out the flavors to maximum. And then cools & grounded to a fine powder

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Seller E-Canteen
Tags Shital masala Thanda masala Cool Masala Thandai Masala Sheetala Masala cold masala
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Net Weight : 100 g, 200 gm, 400 gm
Pack : Single
Made In : India
Brand : Generic

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